Blockchain is the revolution that is just around the corner. At Adraba, we like to keep on top of the latest developments in technology and undoubtedly blockchain, is a major one that will redefine technology for years to come. A trustless system, the very genesis of blockchain, will mean that we will move away from centralized authorities in many industries such as banking, music, and communication. With the rise of smart contracts, through Ethereum which form a trustless agreement that requires only the people involved to function, there really is no limit to what can be achieved.

We have vast amount of experience in cryptocurrency as well as the more innovative and unheard of uses of blockchain, using the Solidity language. The beauty of this system is that the limit is your imagination and virtually anything can be improved via the utilization of the model.

Adraba offers the better option for businesses needing blockchain based applications and website. When you partner with Adraba, we source the best IT consultants for your project, then make sure your project is delivered on-time, on-spec, and on-budget. No matter which of our engagement models you choose, you can trust Adraba to ensure you receive the blockchain system you need.

Our Process


We learn about your project and work to understand your goals.


We source the best IT consultants from our pool of over 50,000 pre-screened candidates.


We build your team, then manage your team according to the engagement model you choose.


You receive your finished project on-time and according to your final specifications.

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On average, clients who choose Adraba save over $500.00 per developer per project over other extended team solutions.

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