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How Adraba Uses Its FinTech Expertise To Successfully Deliver Your Project

Consumers are expecting an increasing number of options for managing their FinTech services. From mobile apps to web solutions to emerging technologies, FinTech solution providers need to quickly deploy and maintain new tech for their customers to stay relevant.

However, finding the time and resources to successfully execute FinTech development projects is difficult. FinTech companies often lack the internal expertise or human resources to execute these projects in-house. This normally leaves two options:

  1. Recruit new developers (which includes massive administrative overhead, such as interviewing,. hiring, and even firing candidates)
  2. Source a team of contractors (which would also require interviewing, testing, hiring, and firing)

Both present a massive investment of time and resources – all before a project even begins!

At Adraba, we believe there’s a better way. We’ll manage sourcing your project team for you in a way that saves time and money. Our pool of pre-screened, tested, and experienced FinTech IT consultants are ready to be 100% dedicated to your project. Even better, we’ll manage them on your behalf so your in-house team can focus on what you already do best.

Choosing Adraba pays off. On average, our clients begin their projects 66% sooner than sourcing FinTech consultants on their own. They also save an average $500.00 per developer per project, enabling them to reinvest these funds into other projects (which is critical for FinTech startups).

Whether you choose Extended Team, Managed Team, or Managed Project engagements, Adraba provides a better way for your FinTech company to achieve its IT needs. Contact us today to begin discussing your project and how our FinTech experts can deliver what you need.

Our Process


We learn about your project and work to understand your goals.


We source the best IT consultants from our pool of over 50,000 pre-screened candidates.


We build your team, then manage your team according to the engagement model you choose.


You receive your finished project on-time and according to your final specifications.

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On average, clients who choose Adraba save over $500.00 per developer per project over other extended team solutions.

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