The blockchain industry is an exciting, innovative and yet to be fully tapped into. At Adraba, we want to be ahead of the game, and actively work on developing trustless blockchain based systems. We believe that this industry offers vast amount of opportunity that can revolutionise the world as we know it in every sector imaginable. As such we offer the most effective and experienced candidates to navigate through the blockchain model, be it via cryptocurrency or a more innovative new model of utilising it, such Ethereum, a groundbreaking model based upon the usage of smart contracts which are both trustless and written using the Solidity language

Rather than spend valuable time interviewing, hiring, and even firing IT consultants, engage with adraba for your IT development needs. We have thousands of pre-tested, experienced IT consultants who can help deliver your startup needs – no matter what industry you serve.

Plus, by engaging with Adraba, you can begin working on your project 66% faster and save an average of 50% of the cost per developer per project. Since time and cost are so important for growing startups, this delivers significant benefits.

At Adraba, we believe there’s a better way. We’ll manage sourcing your project team for you in a way that saves time and money. Our pool of pre-screened, tested, and experienced FinTech IT consultants are ready to be 100% dedicated to your project. Even better, we’ll manage them on your behalf so your in-house team can focus on what you already do best.

Choosing Adraba pays off. On average, our clients begin their projects 66% sooner than sourcing FinTech consultants on their own. They also save an average $500.00 per developer per project, enabling them to reinvest these funds into other projects (which is critical for FinTech startups).

Whether you choose Extended Team, Managed Team, or Managed Project engagements, Adraba provides a better way for your FinTech company to achieve its IT needs. Contact us today to begin discussing your project and how our FinTech experts can deliver what you need.

Our Process


We learn about your project and work to understand your goals.


We source the best IT consultants from our pool of over 50,000 pre-screened candidates.


We build your team, then manage your team according to the engagement model you choose.


You receive your finished project on-time and according to your final specifications.

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On average, clients who choose Adraba save over $500.00 per developer per project over other extended team solutions.

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