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Testmaster Education Ltd. Partners with Adraba and Develops the website and the Android App Customers Need

The Story Overcoming Gaps Achieveing Growth

Testmaster Education Ltd. is the best provider of preparation solution for entrance examinations (nigerian - JAMB&WAEC). They needed to expand its offerings to Android users, a sizeable group. However, due to a lean operating style, it didn't have the time or resources to develop an app and website as well with its current team. To prevent losing momentum or market share, Testmaster needed to source a team of react native developers regarding their business needs. The company reached out to Adraba, and as a result, they had a website and an Android app entirely within their requirements.


About Testmaster Education Ltd.

Testmaster is a private tutor that helps to prepare for exams. They provide over 15,000 original and solved step-by-step exercises. Our best-in-the-industry solutions gave in this case a professional and competitive advantage for Testmaster Education Ltd. Their product cover all the needs of applicants thanks to the real possibility of watching video solutions for every exercise. Now each user can prepare for exams without any difficulties and pass them easily.

Overcoming Gaps through Adraba Engagement

Because of Testmaster team focusing on their users’ success, the in-house development resources were limited.

The request was to create equivalent to a project website and dedicated app for Android to allow applicants to use Testmaster services. Recognizing the need to deliver a secure, user-friendly, and technically sound solution to users, Testmaster considered sourcing a development team themselves. Not only would this require top managed shift their attention away from user success in a such important industry, it would also require extensive interviewing, training, and hands-on management.

Realizing the massive challenge of developing a website and Android app in-house, the Testmaster Education Ltd. leadership reached out to Adraba – and in so doing, saved the budget they could reinvest in their business.
“Adraba overcame development challenges and successfully brought the platform to life. The app has a high rating in the Google Play Store and accommodates users with older technologies. The team delivers high-quality production and management at exceptionally low prices.”

- Idan
CTO, Testmaster Education Ltd.

Reaching New Markets on a Budget

testmaster team

Almost immediately, Testmaster’s management realized choosing Adraba’s Managed Team engagement was a smart choice. “ Were created Android application and a website along with the backend and a CMS. The relationship is ongoing”, - says Idan.

Within their desired time frame, Testmaster Education Ltd. was able to offer its users a new, effective educational platform. Even better, Testmaster was able to achieve this in a much more cost-effective way than developing it in-house or sourcing a development team themselves.

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