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Covercy Solves Scaling Challenges With Adraba

The Story Extended Team Achieveing Growth

AdTech solutions provider HLM wanted to expand their technology offers into the automated lead generation market. They considered sourcing freelancers on their own, but ultimately didn’t want the trouble of sourcing, hiring, and managing an entire design and development team. Ultimately, HLM reached out to Adraba to see how much time, trouble, and money Adraba could save. This decision helped HLM create their platform on-time and according to their customer’s needs.


About HLM

HLM is an online media provider that specialize in optimization, wide range network and best acquisition solutions. From Adraba’s side, our best-in-the-industry solutions gave HLM media group a professional and competitive advantage.

HLM can help to grow your business through online marketing. Landing page design, SEO services or SMM - whatever you need. You just set goals - HLM do the rest.

Expanding Design and Development Capabilities

In 2016 HLM media group saw an opportunity in the automated lead generation market for their customers. By offering AdTech solutions HLM could position itself as a market leader. However, HLM realized it lacked the resources to develop these new solutions in-house.

They had two options: source an entire team of developers and designers themselves, then divert company resources to manage the project. Or they could partner with an experienced team who would manage those responsibilities on HLM’s behalf.

“Developers from Adraba augment a team that works on a lead management system, - says Alaa. - They also help with recruitment efforts.”
Alaa Shehebar
“Adraba’s team is talented, knowledgeable, and productive. Their enthusiasm for the project is palpable.”

- Alaa
CTO, HLM, AdTech

Delivering the Right Platform for HLM Customers


What HLM envisioned was a platform that would grow their brand presence and expand their AdTech market share. And thanks to Adraba’s efforts in building their extended team, that’s exactly what HLM received.

HLM’s engagement with Adraba allowed them to expand their company resources as needed. Even better, the team Adraba built for HLM saved for it thousands of dollars and weeks of time without losing any quality.

“I highly recommend using Adraba’s Extended Team services. Everyone there cares about your success.”

- Alaa
CTO, HLM, AdTech

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