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Offering New Solutions with Adraba

The Story Expanding Design Achieveing Growth is an online platform where patients can directly access specialised medical experts, no matter where they are located. Now the platform holds a strong position in the healthcare area. It was reached after deciding to provide clients with their solutions through creating a PWA application.

However, lacked the in-house resources to carry it out. Rather than attempt to build an in-house team, which would be inexperienced and possibly unable to give the necessary outcome, used Adraba’s Managed Team engagement. Thanks to Adraba, platform launched their new solution to their clients on-time, under-budget, and according to the specifications they needed.



Through the you can consult your diagnosis with top doctors and multidisciplinary teams. The main functionality of the app is the chat-alike diagnostic procedure where the user can answer simple Yes/No questions to have the most likely diagnosis that matches his symptoms.

From Adraba’s side, our best-in-the-industry solutions give this platform professional results in PWA development. With help of you can find answers for all questions from world-class doctors very fast. Adraba is doing everything to allow this global service operate successfully.

Expanding Design and Development Capabilities

In 2013, the saw an opportunity to offer its clients a powerful, fully-integrated way to communicate with world top doctors and multidisciplinary teams. After an internal assessment, management realized they simply didn’t have the current in-house talent to successfully provide what their clients needed. So they turned to Adraba.

Adraba’s Managed Team engagement enabled to continue focusing its internal efforts on maintaining a high standard of service to its clients. Meanwhile, Adraba sourced the right Front-End Developers who had the experience and talent to achieve the desired result.

“The business value is the data that allows insurance companies to prevent or identify health issues among their clients. Early action is important to cut costs for them.”
Miro Skovajsa
“Adraba provides standout quality at a fair price, making them a worthwhile candidate in the space. Their ability to detect technical problems is valuable in the development stages, saving time later in the engagement. The team’s accessibility and organization are clear strength.”

- Miro

Achieving Growth While Cutting Costs

lxcrm team

Thanks to Adraba PWA development for was accomplished according to the specifications they needed.

Based on high professional level of Adraba’s team it became possible for to save money and have minimal expenses while getting the best and fastest results.

“Adraba designed and developed an Android and iOS application that assists users in diagnosing minor ailments before going to a doctor. They remain in communication to dispatch any technical bugs when needed.”

- Miro

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